How often should I drink bone broth?

Liquid Gold is meant to be consumed daily, around 150-250 mls per serve. It can be sipped in a mug with your favourite herbs or spices or on its own. It can also be added to a variety of recipes. Check out our blog here to view.


Why is your bone broth frozen?

There is a reason we snap-freeze our bone broth, because it allows us to deliver the freshest bone broth possible without the use of any additives, preservatives and without damaging any of the valuable nutrients through pasteurization or other high heat related packaging methods.  


What does bone broth taste like?

It tastes similar to a stock, but with more flavour and nutrients. It's a subtle taste, however for some it can take time to acquire taste for bone broth. Not because it tastes bad (it’s actually comparable to a cup of tea with mild flavour), but because you may not be used to drinking a savoury beverage rather than something a little more sweet. 

If you struggle to drink it straight but still want the amazing benefits of bone broth add it to your recipes and reap the rewards. Also give yourself some time to acquire the taste of drinking bone broth straight from a mug. Tip: Add your favourite herbs and spices and check out our highlights on Instragram “Series” for ad-in variations for your mug.


What is bone broth?

Bone broth is made from animal bones and connective tissue- typically from beef or chicken- simmering at low heat for many hours. Our broth contains a natural acid to ensure all the nutrients and goodness are being released from the bones. The end result is a jelly like substance packed with nutrients such as amino acids, minerals and gelatin - The Liquid Gold.

How to use Liquid Gold Bone Broth?

It’s simple to use our bone broth.

  1. Simply defrost it in a fridge overnight or with a steady flow of water for immediate use.
  2. Scoop desired amounts into a pot on the stove and heat or add to your recipes accordingly.
  3. Pour into a mug, with a slice of lemon and a little pepper. Sip and enjoy the health benefits.

When's the best time to drink bone broth?

It's the perfect way to start your day with a nice warm nourishing cup. But anytime of the day works, it can be enjoyed as a mid- morning or afternoon snack, or as a nightcap after dinner. 

What are the benefits of consuming bone broth made with organic ingredients?

When a bone broth is cooked for long periods of time it extracts all the nutrients from the bones (which is what we want). But If the bone broth is made with bones from animals from non-organic farms, the toxic compounds found in these bones such as antibiotics, growth hormones, and pesticides are absorbed into the bones of the animals and through the cooking process will leach into the broth. This greatly affects the health benefits of the bone broth your consuming.

What's the difference between organic bone broth and a stock?

Here are 3 key differences:

  • Here at Liquid Gold we use organic ingredients whereas stocks generally don't. This is important because the health and treatment of the animals the bones are derived from greatly influences the health benefits derived from the broth. Toxic compounds found in non-organic farming practices such as antibiotics, pesticides etc, are absorbed into the bones of the animal and then leach into the broth during the cooking process.

  • Our bone broth can't sit on a shelf for years like a stock, we snap-freeze our bone broth which means it's the freshest it can be. We lock in the nutrients and quality at their highest point! We are absolutely preservative free, additive free and none of the valuable nutrients are destroyed through pasteurization or other heat-related packaging methods. 

  • Bone broth is cooked for longer than a stock, which allows the powerful nutrients to be extracted. Here at Liquid Gold we cook our beef bone broth for 24 hours and our chicken bone broth for 16 hours. Combining this with an acid (lemon juice) allows for ultimate nutrient extraction and a jelly type consistency in our bone broth. 

Are there different benefits between the beef and chicken bone broth?

Most customers choose their broths based on taste preference. Both our broths have amazing benefits, but have unique characteristics. 

Beef: Our beef bone broth has a great flavour and packs the collagen and amino acids. It's also a great addition to smoothies and smoothie bowls because the beef is tasteless when cold but still packs the nutrients. Great way to get a collagen boost in the warmer months

Chicken: Our chicken bone broth also has a great flavour and has a very familiar flavour profile. There is also real science to back up the benefits of the nutrients found in chicken bone broth for immune support and recovery time from the common cold. Cysteine which is found in higher proportions in chicken bone broth has been shown to thin mucus and get mucus moving which reduces recovery time. 

Where do the ingredients come from? 

We source all of our organic ingredients from Australian farmers. Our organic vegetables are sourced from Ritas Farm in Wallacia, our organic beef bones are sourced from Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co and our organic chicken bones are sourced from Inglewood Organic. We use filtered water in both our bone broths. 

Why do you use lemon in your bone broth?

Lemon is the key ingredient in drawing and extracting the nutrients and minerals from the bones. The lemon doesn’t change the flavour of the bone broth, but certainly makes a difference to the  nutrition profile.