The in's & out's of Cleansing

Have you thought about doing a cleanse or a detox but haven’t found the right one? Let’s dive deeper into our 10-Day Bone Broth Cleanse & why it may be right for you.

Our 10-Day Bone Broth Cleanse has been designed to help kick start and reboot your gut and health, by nourishing you from within. It combines intermittent fasting with gut healing bone broth, and other foods to assist with weight loss, reduced bloating and increased energy.

This cleanse provides structured eating to allow you to make the right choices and create better eating habits. This cleanses comes with a detailed plan that provides you a step by step guide on how to complete and undertake this program. It includes approved foods, approved food groups, recipes and tips to conquer the program.

This is for anyone who is feeling fatigued, struggling to lose weight, constantly bloated or looking for a great and healthy kick start to provide you tools for a healthier lifestyle

Why we should cleanse?

To help break poor eating habits and reset cravings. From a young age many of us have acquired eating habits that don’t serve us or provide us the best nutritional benefit, from being rewarded with food at a young age or turning to food as substance for comfort. Overtime these choices become more consistent and turn into habits. A cleanse can help to break these habits and patterns by providing a structured and guided way of eating and living to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Our tribe members find the cleanse easy to follow and say it has helped them form better eating habits because it has shown them how easy healthy food is to prepare.  Also provided them inspiration because of the amazing results and feeling during and post-cleanse.


"I was always tired, had many sleepless nights due to menopause, then a friend told me to try liquid gold bone broth, I lost 4kg in 10 days and got my energy back, had restful sleeps, my skin was clearer, my gut was not bloated, I highly recommend it to everyone"- Vesna

“I started the year off by doing the Liquid Gold 10 Day Cleanse! Days 1 & 2 were challenging - both mentally and physically (sugar withdrawals are a real thing!!). On Day 3 I woke up feeling so much better and as the days went on I really began to look forward to drinking bone broth of a morning.  I really do feel as though my gut has been reset. As a person who has suffered from a bloated and uncomfortable stomach my whole life - I really have never felt better" - Rachel 

"I did the 10 Day Bone Broth Detox Diet and lost 4kg’s in the 10 days. I was surprised how easy it was considering this was my first time doing a detox. Candace was always prompt in answering my questions. Thank you Liquid Gold Bone Broth!"- Rebecca

"I did the 10 Day bone broth diet and lost 4kgs! I couldn’t believe it.. I’ve tried so many diets and nothing works. My gut feels so good and my bloating has gone."- Silvana

*If your pregnant, breastfeeding or undertaking intense physical exercise, this cleanse isn’t right for you at this time.

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