Stock vs Bone Broth

Stock vs Bone Broth
The main differences between bone broth and a standard stock you purchase at the supermarket is the cook time and the ingredients used.
  • A typical stock is usually cooked for 2-6 hours, where bone broth is cooked for 16-24 hours. This results in a thicker consistency when cooled, due to the collagen-rich gelatin that is pulled from the bones. This means stocks don’t posse the same health benefits as a high quality bone broth.
  • Here at Liquid Gold Bone Broth we simmer our beef bone broth for 24 hours, and we add lemon juice from fresh lemons which acts as an acid, which is important for further nutrient extraction. The result is a gelatinous and nutritious bone broth that jiggles & is full of ‘liquid gold’
  • The next difference is the ingredients used. In a standard stock purchased from the supermarket, in most cases will use conventionally grown ingredients meaning they are generally not organic or grass-fed. Whereas in a high quality bone broth, like Liquid gold, organic and grass-fed ingredients are used. This is critical because the health and treatment of the animal the bones are derived from greatly influences the nutrients in the bone broth.
  • Toxic compounds found in non-organic farming practices (such as antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides) are absorbed through the bones and marrow the animal. When the bones are broken down during the cooking process these harmful substances are release in the bone broth and passed on to you. That’s why it’s important to choose a bone broth made from organic ingredients like Liquid Gold Bone Broth.

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