Not All Bone Broths Are Made Equal

With modern technology bone broth has taken many different forms today, including concentrates, “glues”, powders, shelf stable liquids etc. However, here at Liquid Gold Bone Broth we keep it as real & as natural as possible, because it’s better for you. This is why our bone broth is snap-frozen, the only way to naturally preserve bone broth.

This leads me to the next point I want to address, price difference between bone broths. The short answer…QUALITY.

Here are the questions to ask yourself when purchasing bone both:

Is it made from organic ingredients? This is critical because the health of the animals the bones are derived from significantly influences the health benefits derived from the broth. Toxic compounds used in non-organic farming practices such as growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides are absorbed through the bone and into the marrow of the animals. When the bones are broken down during the cooking process, these harmful substances are released into the broth and passed on to you.

Does it jiggle and gel when refrigerated? Gelatin is the LIQUID GOLD in the bone broth and the degree to which the bone broth “gels” is evidence of the gelatin and collagen content.

Is it made in Australia with Australian ingredients? We always use Australian organic bones and vegetables to ensure we are using the highest quality ingredients to produce the best bone broth.

Are bones a major ingredient? Bones are the major ingredient in our bone broth to ensure it contains a high proportion of gelatin and collagen. The way to check this is to look at the ingredient list and make sure bones is the first ingredient on the list.

Is it simmered for many hours at low heat? Good bone broths need to be cooked low and slow to allow for gentle release of nutrients including collagen, glycosaminoglycans, vitamins, minerals from the bones. High heat damages these nutrients! This is another reason why we opted to snap-freeze our broth. This because other preservation techniques use high heat methods, (shelf stable broths undergo pasteurization, undergoing temperatures of 116-121 °C). Concentrates undergo a similar process to be able to sit on a shelf and also contain high amounts of sodium to help preservation. Powder bone broths undergo extremely high temperatures and other additives to allow proper consistency of the powder. 

Is there a natural acid added to the broth? This is important to assist and ensure all nutrients and goodness are extracted from the bones.

Is it free from additives, fillers or any unnecessary ingredients? If you’ve ever made bone broth before and stored it in the fridge in air tight containers, you will know that it only last around 3 weeks before it has to be consumed. This was the result we had when we put our bone broth to test in the lab, which found it only had a shelf life of 3 weeks, before spoilage. This makes sense because it is all natural!!

This is why we decided to snap-freeze our bone broth because it’s the only way to NATURALLY preserve bone broth without adding or further processing the product.

Some low quality bone broths add fillers, thickeners and other ingredients such as glucose, yeast extract, maltodextrin, flavours and the list continues to evolve. These ingredients are used as preservatives or to help the broth appear thicker than it really is and have a higher gelatin content then it really does. 

Here at Liquid Gold we keep it 100% natural and original, and take NO short cuts when it comes to quality 😍

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