Moments to enjoy your Liquid Gold 😋


If you haven’t already heard bone broth is a great “health drink”. A delicious way to support glowing skin, pain-free joints and strong immunity.
We believe bone broth does all this and MORE
We’ve also noticed people just love the way drinking bone broth makes them feel, including satisfied cravings, reduced bloating and the list goes on.
Bone broth can be consumed at any time of the day and I recommend that you find the time that works best for you! This may change depending on the season or on how your feeling, but I wanted to provide you three moments in your day to enjoy your bone broth:
  1.  Start your day with a warm cup- Your morning sets the tone for your entire day. Coffee may be your go to first thing, but is that actually serving you? It may be better to start your day with something more calming, instead of something that immediately spikes your cortisol levels. Don’t get us wrong we aren't saying ditch the coffee.. we are saying enjoy it later on 😊

    2. Enjoy as your afternoon snack- This is when we start to get those 3pm cravings when we start to lose concentration and start to lean towards sweets and our 4th coffee for the day. Bone broth is a great pick me-up, giving your brain a boost and keep your cravings at bay.. what’s not to love?

    3. An after dinner snack or before bed- Still feeling hungry after dinner? Bone broth is a great snack- The amino acids present in bone broth promote calming and a good night sleep
Happy broth drinking 😊

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