Liquid Gold Sippable Add-Ins

Our bone broth is perfect for sipping, simply defrost, heat, pour and enjoy the many amazing health benefits.

If your first thought is, "you can drink bone broth by the mug?" or "you just drink it on it's own?" then you're not alone. This powerful drink is becoming the new coffee (that doesn't mean you never have coffee again).

Bone broth has a subtle taste, however for some it can take time to acquire taste for bone broth. Not because it tastes bad (it’s actually comparable to a cup of tea with mild flavour), but because you may not be used to drinking a savoury beverage rather than something a little more sweet. 

Bone broth is versatile, and many variations go great in a bone broth cup. Enhance the amazing flavour and boost the nutrients with these different add-ins.

If you have an extra 30 seconds (or add whilst your broth is heating) try these:

  • Liquid Gold with a slice of lemon, pepper and a touch of Himalayan salt (personal favourite)
  • Liquid Gold with cayenne pepper, squeeze of lemon fresh continental parsley and a touch of Himalayan salt
  • Liquid Gold with Himalayan salt, pepper, paprika, oregano, squeeze of lemon
  • Liquid Gold with Himalayan salt, grated fresh ginger, fresh continental parsley, squeeze of lemon
  • Liquid Gold with lemon, fresh grated ginger, fresh grated turmeric, pepper and Himalayan salt

I hope you enjoy these add-ins as much as I do!


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